Thanks To All Our Customers

BWL wishes to thank all our customers for their patronage over the years. We will be altering our operation and making some changes to go in new directions with our business.

Ron Service
Black Walnut Lane

BWL Salutes Family Member Jerry Huiskamp

I’d like to give a big shout out to Jerry Huiskamp today.  On Monday, April 18th, Jerry completed the Boston Marathon – and in darn decent time too.  Considering he is enjoying life at the tender age of 57, this has to be a tremendous personal achievement for him and one that I find very inspiring.  That his wife Jane and son Jeremy have become long distance runners in recent years makes this story even more intriguing.  Jerry and Jane both completed the Hamilton ON “Around The Bay Road Race” in March and Jerry used this event as final preparation for the coveted race in Boston.

Jerry and Jane have both said that they feel better now than at any other time in their lives.  Young people can take heart that life can be just as good in your 50’s as it can be in formative years.

Congratulations to Jerry on his completion of the Boston Marathon and to Jerry, Jane and Jeremy for their recent long distance running successes.

~ Ron Service



… With a Canadian Flag planted on his face, Jerry takes a breather after completing the Boston Marathon ….




Naturally Organic, Organically Natural?

Many of our customers ask if we are an organic farm. The answer is no…and yes…we are not registered with an organics standards organization, however, we promote naturally raised animals!

Naturally raised inlcudes:

  • Availablility of outdoor pasture and living space
  • A natural diet of grasses (based on availability), hay,corn silage, non-gmo grains, clean water and fresh air
  • Not using growth horomoes, anti-biotics or other artificual means of growing the animals.
  • Not using animal by-products or fish by-products to promote growth of our animals.
  • An understanding that we are to treat the animals we raise with respect, care & dignity.
  • A willingness to work in partnership with the animals and the land to produce quality products
  • Natural breeding practices

There is a difference in the taste and quality of the meat we produce. You will find nothing like it on your local grovery store shelves. There is pride and passion in what we do and we take it very, very seriously!